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Jordan Adventure Holidays

Jordan is a compact country, brimming with sights and experiences worthy of any bucket list. Within just a few short days, Explore travellers can take in the incredible city of Petra, ancient ruins of Jerash, spend a night under the desert stars and float effortlessly in the Dead Sea. Jordan may be a young country but its lands are ancient and full of history, just waiting to be explored.

Petra is Jordan’s most well-known site and undisputed jewel in the crown. A vast site of pink-tinged facades hewn into rock; the size is on a truly staggering scale. Sharing the narrow walkways with camels, donkeys and horse drawn carts, you’re whisked off to an exotic and chaotic but mesmerising land.

However ancient treasures and mysteries are not the only reasons visitors choose Jordan. The stunning and diverse landscapes are a perfect fit for more active holidays and the numbers of travellers coming here to trek and cycle are increasing. Covering relatively short distances, efforts are rewarded with sites and experiences around almost every corner. A perfect fit for families and small group adventures; the terrain is varied, accommodation hospitable, locals friendly and climate comfortable. Adventurers are truly spoilt for choice. Within just a few days you can take that iconic Dead Sea selfie, trek through the desert sands of Wadi Rum, explore the rocky hillsides harbouring ancient Bedouin camps, stumble across ancient castle ruins, and that is all before reaching Petra – a wonder of the world! If that all sounds too exhausting the chilled out town of Aqaba, on the Red Sea coast is a perfect place to relax, although this also has much to offer with incredible marine life waiting to be explored.

For most people, the real beauty of Jordan holidays is that you can combine all these experiences in just one visit. A few short days off work and you have seen and experienced a myriad of sites and gathered a host of life long memories.

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A real plus point of taking an Explore trip to Jordan is the complimentary visa system available to our customers, which provides you with a saving of around £30 per person. The only criteria you must meet is that you have booked an arrival airport transfer through Explore. A representative will meet you on arrival and assist with the visa process making it both quick and easy for you.

A tailor-made holiday to Jordan allows you freedom to create the perfect itinerary for you. You may choose to combine the major highlights such as the incredible Treasury in Petra, the Roman ruins of Jerash and the moonlike landscape of Wadi Rum. But for something a little different discover the deep gorges in Dana Biosphere Reserve and trek across barren desert landscapes to Wadi Feynan or explore the warren of tunnels and staircases in Ajloun Castle.

Tailor-make your holiday to Jordan to include a relaxing break at Ma’in Hot Springs, stay at Mujib Chalets overlooking a remote area of the Dead Sea or stay in a bubble tent in Wadi Rum with uninterrupted views of the night sky. Whatever you choose to see and do, our Explore Tailormade Regional Specialists can arrange those little extra moments to create the ideal holiday for you.

Call the Tailormade team today on 01252 883 184 for help, advice and to get a quotation.

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