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Tours to the Azores

Hop between the islands of the Azores, all equally lush and colourful but each distinctly different. Whether you're walking or cycling there's lots to explore on an Azores tour. There's volcanic landscapes, charming fishing villages and wildlife-spotting opportunities. 

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Discover our Azores tours

The magnificent islands of the Azores boast verdant hillsides, aquamarine seas, volcanoes and exotic wildlife. Join our small group tours or self-guided walking trips to the Azores to see the best that these islands have to offer. 

Our easy-going Azores Walking holiday will take you to five of the archipelago’s nine islands. Head to the island of Sao Miguel to view the topaz-blue and emerald-green twin crater lakes of Sete Cidades and uncover the bubbling mud pools of the aptly named Furnas Valley. Swim in the lava rock pools of Terceira and take a walk down the lush Caldeira de Cima gorge and along the rocky coastline of Sao Jorge to Faja dos Cubres. Keep your eyes peeled for pods of whales on a boat trip from Pico Island and uncover blooms of wild blue hydrangeas on the island of Faial. 

If you fancy exploring the Azores independently, our self-guided walking tours allow you to explore the islands at your own pace. We’ll look after all of the hotels, transfers and luggage movements while you follow our carefully planned itineraries at your leisure.

Ready to book a tour to the Azores but new to Explore? We've answered some of the most-asked questions about small group trips.

Our most popular Azores tours

Azores Island Hopping

Azores, Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code AZ
Best seller
14 Days From €1968 without flights

Self-Guided Walking in the Azores - Faial and Pico Islands

Azores, Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code WSAF
8 Days From €963 without flights

Self-Guided Walking in the Azores - Sao Miguel Island

Azores, Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code WSAZ
8 Days From €858 without flights

Need some inspiration for your Azores tour?

Dubbed the green island due to its lush vegetation, Sao Miguel in the eastern Azores is the largest in the archipelago. The charming colonial town of Ponta Delgada is the island’s capital, with cobbled streets lined with palms. It gained its wealth in the 18th and 19th centuries from the export of oranges, wealth that is still evident in the elegant mansions and churches dating from this period.

Volcanic crater lakes and thermal pools are a common feature on Sao Miguel. In Furnas are mud pools, steam vents and spring-fed hot-water pools, including the inviting Lagoa das Furnas. The thermal activity is so hot here that locals bury pots in the earth to make traditional slow-cooked cozido (stew). North of Ponta Delgada is the beautiful Lagoa das Sete Cidades, twin crater lakes which are the source of a famous legend and which appear as one blue and one green body of water. Set in a caldera in the mountains, Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake) has some great views.

Around 150 km from Sao Miguel is the island of Terceira in the central Azores. Its well-preserved Renaissance city of Angra do Heroismo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, designated due to its rich history as a port city for ships on their way to the New World. In a former Franciscan convent is a museum dedicated to the city’s history, with an interesting collection of artefacts including navigational instruments.

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