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Sustainability must emanate from the inside out, integral to every element of the business. Here we look at the changes we have implemented within our own walls.
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We have made considerable changes to our head office over the years. Whilst some changes have been gradual, in the last two years we have made great progress. We have: 
  • been certified as a carbon neutral office space
  • transitioned to zero-waste-to-landfill
  • added solar panels on our roof
  • changed to renewable energy providers
  • swapped to plant-based cleaning products
  • created an online sustainability training portal for all staff, agents and leaders.

We believe in a circular economy, with a closed paper loop, recycled flooring and an office swap shop amongst many.

Being sustainable in our office is more though, we believe in fair wages, flexible working, focus on mental health as well as physical, yoga classes, massages, frequent training opportunities, gender pay analysis. We work with universities, schools and colleges providing lectures, PhD support and training opportunities.

Sustainability is holistic. We want a healthy working environment, one conducive to both productivity and enjoyment. We are passionate, and encouraged to be. We are vocal, and supported. Only by challenging behaviours, creating new habits, and educating on all the reasons why, can we build on our sustainability both in house and through our trips. We have the support from director level down to keep making progress, and this is key to our success.

Importantly, we are not perfect. We are evolving, learning and working in a wonderfully dynamic industry, and we welcome your feedback. Please use to get in touch.