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Polar Expedition Leaders

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All of our polar cruises have a team of expert on-board expedition staff who’ll make this incredible journey with you. They are there to answer your questions, and fuel your knowledge and imagination with presentations and lectures about the Arctic or Antarctica. These exceptional people are an integral part of your polar journey. They will organise each day’s activities, accompany you ashore in Zodiac inflatables and provide information and advice along the way. Many of them are experts in their field, be that photography, geology, biology, environmental science, polar history or ornithology.

Every one of them has many years of experience in the polar regions and here we’re pleased to introduce you to just a few of the staff you might travel with on your voyage.

Susan Adie, Expedition Leader

Susan has led more than 140 expeditions in Antarctica. Her passion for the environment was fuelled from a very early age, growing up amid the lakes and mountains of New York state. She carried this enthusiasm through her education to work with state and national governments in environmental education and resource management, working on endangered species re-introduction programmes, for which she has won awards.

Susan is at home in the wilderness, having led trips in the Amazon, Spitsbergen, Siberia, the North and South Pacific, Greenland, Franz Josef Land among others. 

Gary Miller, Expedition Leader and Lecturer

Gary is a Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia.

He’s studied polar bears in the Arctic, whales in Alaska and Mexico and skuas and penguins in Antarctica, including emperors while over-wintering at Mawson Station.

Dr Alex Cowan, Geologist and Zodiac driver

Alex is an experienced mountaineer and professional yacht master, having climbed and ski mountaineered his way around Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Greenland. 

He has also conducted research on CO2 sequestration and magma chamber processes, and has a keen understanding of climate change from a scientific viewpoint.

Alex’s passion for the maritime world has now led him to the polar regions where he’s ready to share his knowledge of geology and seafaring with Arctic travellers.

Terence (Scobie) Pye, Scientist and Zodiac Master

Terence (Scobie) Pye is a research scientist with decades of research time in Antarctica. 

His main scientific interests are focused on the conservation and management of the sub-Antarctic islands, the impact of introduced mammals on these fragile ecosystems, sustainable tourism in Antarctica and the history of the region. 

In 1978, Scobie was awarded the Fuchs Medal for outstanding service to the British Antarctic Survey.

Frank S. Todd, Ornithologist and Marine Mammals expert

Frank was born and raised in Panama, where he began his lifelong passion with wildlife. At Sea World, Frank successfully established a breeding colony of Adelie and emperor penguins. A recognised authority on penguins, Frank has been working in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic for 37 seasons.

He has also spent many seasons in the Arctic working on waterfowl and alcid (puffins and auks etc) research. The recipient of prestigious conservation awards, he has published numerous books and articles and is a noted wildlife photographer.

Robyn Mundy, Assistant Expedition Leader

Robyn has visited polar regions almost every year since 1996.

She was a field assistant at Davis Station, researching skuas and over-wintered at Mawson station, working with emperor penguins.

Robyn has a PhD in Writing. The Nature of Ice, her first novel reflects her passion for Antarctica.

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