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Highlights of Jordan: 7 things you can't miss

Planning a trip to Jordan? Don’t miss these must-sees, from vast deserts and epic historical sites to biblical views and shimmering coral reef.



There’s only one place to start when we’re talking about Jordan, and that’s at Petra. Nothing prepares you for your first glimpse of the iconic Treasury. As you approach through the kilometre-long winding Siq, the picture-perfect facade appears through the crevice as if from nowhere. But beyond the signature Treasure, the scale of this rose-red city is mind-blowing. Spend two days exploring the site on our Jordan Discovery trip, including a day to explore under your own steam. Trek to the Monastery or the High Place of Sacrifice for staggering views across the site and to the mountains and desert canyons beyond. 

Wadi Rum

The hauntingly-beautiful desert landscape of Wadi Rum has been traversed by Bedouin tribes for millennia, and was referred to as ‘vast, echoing and godlike’ by Lawrence of Arabia. One of Jordan’s star attractions, it certainly has the ability to awe and humble visitors. Amid its subtly hued sands the colossal rock formations reach for the sky and their strange and peculiar contours seeming to drip like icing running down a cake. Stay in a traditional Bedouin camp, where on a clear night you can choose to sleep directly beneath the stars. An unforgettable experience. All of our Jordan trips include a stay in the magical Wadi Rum. 

Little Petra

About 5km from the main site of Petra, Little Petra is away from the main tourist trail and, as a result, receives relatively few visitors. On our walking in Jordan trip, we hike the 3km to Little Petra from our camp nearby, approaching the site via the narrow canyon Siq Barid (the ‘cold canyon’ – so called because this deep canyon is is impenetrable by the sun). The Little Petra valley is lined with tombs and interesting facades, and the climb to the viewpoint (another that claims to be the greatest view on earth) is worth the effort to reach. 


The ruined Roman site of Jerash dates back to the 1st century. The city’s plazas, temples and columns have been immaculately preserved. Highlights include the two theatres at either end of the site, the immense forum and the elaborate columns of the Temple of Artemis. Visit during spring, when lush greenery punctuates the sandy hues of the architecture.

Dead Sea

To float in The Dead Sea’s salty waters is one of those unusual travel experiences that shouldn’t be missed. This saline lake on the borders of Jordan and Israel is the lowest point on the planet. It’s also the world’s most mineral-laden body of water and, as such, is famed for its health benefits. On our Jordan Discovery tour we’ll spend a day at a private beach facility, where there’s also a pool and café as well as shower blocks. There are opportunities to shop for Dead Sea products, should you wish to continue the experience at home.

Mount Nebo

This important biblical site is cited as the place where Moses glimpsed the Promised Land. This ridge overlooks the Dead Sea to Jericho, Bethlehem and, on a clear day, Jerusalem. Even if you’re not religious, is a serene spot with a tangible atmosphere. The Moses Memorial Church at Mount Nebo houses some fascinating mosaics that date back to the 6th century.

Aqaba on the Red Sea

Popular with divers and snorkelers alike, the Red Sea resort of Aqaba offers a very different side to Jordan. From here you can join a day trip to enjoy the crystal clear waters and colourful marine life from a boat, or simply relax at the hotel pool and look back over the incredible sites we’ve seen over the week. Our Family Jordan, Petra and Desert Adventure spends two nights in Aqaba.


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