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Experiences Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Adventure Holidays

Our wildlife holidays are perfect for every animal lover: from African safaris to bear watching tours, we've got a trip for everyone. So if seeing your favourite animal in the wild is on the bucketlist, or you're a keen twitcher or wildlife photographer, come and explore with us.

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Wildlife Tours

Popular Trips

Botswana Wildlife Safari

Botswana, Namibia, Zambia Wildlife Trip code BW
Best seller
15 Days From €2715 without flights

South Africa and Swaziland

South Africa, Swaziland Wildlife Trip code ZK
Best seller
10 Days From €1545 without flights

Explore Costa Rica

Costa Rica Wildlife Trip code CC
Best seller
15 Days From €2212 without flights

Gorilla and Chimp Safari

Uganda Wildlife Trip code UG
Best seller
11 Days From €4389 without flights

Volcanoes and Galapagos

Ecuador, Galapagos Wildlife Trip code GPS
Best seller
15 Days From €3476 without flights

Brown Bear Weekend

Finland Short Breaks Trip code AFB
4 Days From €655 without flights
Wildlife Adventure Holidays

Wildlife holidays with Explore

You'll never forget the experience of spotting your favourite animal in the wild. And whichever animal you want to see, we've likely got a wildlife tour you can see it on. We run hundreds of wildlife holidays, from African safari holidays to bear watching tours

The majority of our tours include the opportunity to spot wildlife in the wild, and we know this is an experience that our customers love. We also run specific wildlife tours which are all about seeing wildlife up-close, with opportunities to photograph and learn about the animals, their behaviours and habitats. 

Our wildlife holidays include trekking to see gorillas and chimps in Ugandaspotting sloths in the rainforest of Costa Rica and seeing the majestic Bengal tiger in India's national parks.  

Responsible wildlife watching

Responsible travel and tourism is essential to us at Explore. We don't visit zoos; we see animals in the wild where possible, even endangered animals. But where, sadly, it's unlikely or not possible to see the animals in the wild, we visit rehabilitation centres that are working hard to care for the animals and increase their populations. 

We also support wildlife conservation charities, through financial donations or by including visits in our itineraries. These trips include our Mahouts Elephant Extension in Thailand, which can be added as an extension to an Asia trip. On this three-day trip, set up by our close partners the Mahouts Elephant Foundation, you can camp with Mahouts and witness Asian elephants in their natural habitat.

Learn more about our charities and partners

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