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Tours to Mongolia

Mongolia is a land of vast open spaces . Discover the country up close on our Mongolia holidays. Our Mongolia tours will take you to one of the most remote places on the planet, where you'll learn the traditional ways of the locals.

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Discover our Mongolia tours

Discover a land of endless blue skies, scenic plateaus, vast deserts and friendly nomadic hospitality on our Mongolia small group tours. Join your local tour leader for a cultural tour of the modern city of Ulaanbaatar before heading into the wilderness and hiking up Hogno Khan Mountain for panoramic views over the grasslands and craggy mountain valleys. Cross the dunes of the Gobi Desert, explore the icy glaciers of Yol Valley, and camp overnight in a traditional Ger yurt. 

Make your Mongolia adventure even more memorable with our eagle festival tour. Travel into the remote valleys of the Altai Mountains to join a unique celebration of ancient nomad traditions when local eagle hunters demonstrate the prowess of their hunting skills and flaunt their magnificent birds of prey.

Thinking about a trip to Mongolia but new to small group travel? We've answered some of your most-asked questions.

Our most popular Mongolia tours

Mongolia Explorer

Mongolia Discovery Trip code GK
13 Days From €2574 without flights

Mongolian Eagle Festival and the Siberian Altai

Mongolia, Russia Beyond Trip code MRE
15 Days From €4389 without flights
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Today, Mongolia is a sparsely inhabited, highly mystical setting. Buddhist monasteries, stupas, monuments, and prayer flags punctuate the landscape, known as ‘The Land of Blue Skies’ . To the south, the arid expanse of the Gobi Desert sweep across the border with China, a terrain best suited to hardy camels. To the north and west, across the border with Russia, the land rises to steppe, hills, and rugged valleys, eventually climbing to mountain ranges and glacial lakes, highly inhospitable country in winter.

Shamanism is alive and well among Mongolia’s nomads, who regard the natural world around them – the sky, peaks, rivers, lakes, clouds, rain, and snow – to be alive and communicable. The river Tuul, one of the longest rivers in the country, is particularly revered by them, as is Hovsgol Nuur, one of the highest freshwater lakes in Asia. Rituals, songs, chanting, and herbs continue to play a role in traditional medicine, whilst horse-riding and equestrian skills – including spirited horse-races that thunder for miles across the open countryside - are the foundation of Mongolian cultural identity. Wrestling and archery, too, are particularly celebrated as ‘manly sports’, especially during the festival of Naadam in Summer. 

Mongolia became independent in 1924 and allied itself with the USSR to avoid falling under Chinese control. In 1990, following the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, democratic elections were held for the first time in its history. Recently, since an ideological shift to free market economics, Mongolia has begun to exploit its prodigious mineral resources. It remains an impoverished place, rapidly polarising, some 20% of its population living on less than US$1.25 / day.

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