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Destinations Africa The Gambia

The Gambia Trips

One of Africa’s smallest countries, the Gambia is a tiny sliver of land that’s slipped into the surrounding country of Senegal. Following the path of the river to the sea, its unusual shape and coastline all add to the appeal.

The Gambia’s beaches are some of the finest in West Africa, despite its small size. But there is more to it than sun, sea and surf. The Gambia is also a country that is rich in culture, with small fishing villages and incredible nature reserves offering plenty for visitors to explore.

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The Gambia Trips

You can spend nights in some of the world’s finest eco lodges and small wildlife parks, all while cruising down the Gambia River towards your destination. Hop ashore to visit the mysterious Wassau Stone Circles, and spot some of the hundreds of bird species that call the Gambia home.

The Kiang West and Bao Bolong Wetland reserves are pristine environments, home to even more bird species. And the Tendaba Camp on the shores of the wetlands is a great place to stay for a true cultural experience.

From the Gambia, you can easily head into Senegal to the north and explore some of the bird watching opportunities there, at Djoudj national park and Pirogue safari. You can also take in the Touba Mosque, one of the largest in Africa.

The Abuko nature reserve is situated just outside the capital at Banjul and is one of the smallest protected areas in Africa but offers a great introduction to Gambian wildlife. There are hundreds of species of birds, as well as crocodiles and monkey species.

James Island is the setting for the bestselling book and movie Roots. A former slave trading post set on a river island, it’s a fascinating place with many dark memories. But well worth a visit on any Gambian adventure.

Along your journey you will have time to buy plenty of African craft art, including masks and cloth, made with great care and plenty of colour. A former English colony, English is widely spoken and it is also one of the safest countries in this part of Africa for travellers.

A truly unique country, the Gambia is best explored along its main artery – the river. Jump on an Explore boat tour down the river’s course to the Atlantic Ocean and you’ll get a great perspective of this incredible country.

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