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Benin Holidays & Tours

Benin many not be the first country people consider when thinking of an African holiday, but it certainly has its offbeat charms and exoticism. The first is voodoo. Benin is considered the birthplace of Voodoo. A rather benign version of the belief (you are unlikely to encounter dolls riddled with pins) it is followed by 40% of the population and along with Islam and Christianity is an official religion. There in even an annual voodoo festival in the beach town of Ouidah – one of Africa’s most colourful. Another is salsa music. Benin’s is also considered the birthplace of salsa, resulting in a music scene that even out-vibrates its neighbours.

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Benin Holidays & Tours

Benin is a slither of a country wedged between Niger, Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and the Atlantic Ocean. It ranks as one of the world’s poorest countries, but after a dozens or so changes of government it is also one of Africa’s most stable. The French colonised the country in the late 1900s, effectively putting an end to the ancient and powerful Dahomey Kingdom, renaming it French Dahomey. When independence, came in 1960 it was followed by a decade of strife and coups. In 1975 the country became a People’s Republic of Benin, a Marxist state. In 1989 the economy collapsed, riots broke out and Marxism was renounced, resulting in yet another name change to the Republic of Benin.

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