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8 must-visit locations in the Baltics

Enriched with historical sites as well as breathtaking countryside and windswept beaches, our tours through the Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are full to the brim with fascinating locations. Here are eight of the best places to visit in the Baltics.


Riga, Latvia

Wander along the picturesque banks of the Daugava River and uncover colourful terraces of Hanseatic buildings in Latvia’s capital city of Riga on our Baltic Capital Cities tour. Pay a visit to Riga Castle, once controlled by the Germans and Polish but now home to the President, and pick up some smoked fish and sauerkraut in the city’s lively central market. End a busy afternoon of exploring with some homemade pīrāgs (meat-filled pastries) in a street-side cafe and watch the locals go about their day. 

Vilnius, Lithuania

If you love history, then the KGB museum in Vilnius is a must-see highlight of Lithuania. A fascinating insight into the Soviet Union’s secret service, this will give you a sound appreciation for the area’s troubled past. Join our Baltic Capital Cities tour to not only see the museum but also discover the ornate architecture and shrines of one of the city’s most significant religious monuments, the Church of the Dawn, and visit one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Head to Siauliai to discover an unusual religious shrine - tens of thousands of crosses set on a small hill just outside of the city. This monument is inspiring not only because of what it is but also because of what it represents. During our Baltic Capital Cities tour, we’ll learn about how both the Nazis and the Soviets tried to destroy this religious site. However, even after every cross was felled, new crosses would appear, carried there by local people determined not to let this holy place be destroyed. 

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

For a more active exploration of Lithuania, join our Cycling the Baltic States trip. Pedal through the peaceful forests and farmland of Trakai Historical National Park and stop at Trakai Island Castle with its fairytale pepperbox turrets. Cross the drawbridge to immerse yourself in a bygone era of the 14th and 15th centuries. You may even witness some traditional Lithuanian entertainment as part of the many cultural festivals held here.

Curonian Spit National Park, Lithuania

Discover a plethora of birdlife amongst the windswept golden sand dunes of Lithuania’s Curonian National Park on our Historic Baltic Republic tour. Lined with ancient evergreen forests, you can also go in search of the ‘Hill of Witches’ hidden amongst the thicket. Not as scary as it sounds, this pagan sanctum is adorned with ornate wood carvings of witches, demons and mythical creatures that depict tales of how the Curonian Spit was created. 

Parnu, Estonia

Take time to relax in the seaside city of Parnu in Estonia. Set on the coast of the Gulf of Riga, Parnu is a popular summer holiday retreat. After a few busy days exploring the Baltics, you'll welcome the opportunity to visit a spa for a reviving mud bath and unwind on the golden-sand beaches. Alternatively, explore the colourful high streets adorned with ornate Baroque architecture and stop for a bite to eat in one of the many high-quality restaurants. 

Bastion Tunnels, Estonia

Immerse yourself in Tallinn’s secret network of Medieval underground tunnels on our Baltic Capital Cities tour. Step back in time as you search the dark labyrinth of arched tunnels by torchlight and uncover a vast network of bunkers and shelters. Learn how the passageways have evolved over the years and imagine what life would have been like for troops living in this subterranean world during World War II and the Soviet-era. 

Saaremaa, Estonia

Take a short ferry ride to the island of Saaremaa in Estonia on our Historic Baltic Republic tour to discover a treasure trove of timeworn windmills, medieval churches and lush juniper groves. Previously isolated during the Soviet-era, the island is now open to the public but retains its original charm and age-old traditions. Visit the open-air Koguva Museum to learn more about the island’s history, uncover ornate stone carvings at Karja Church, and view the 4000-year old Kaali Meteorite Crater hidden in the forest. 


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