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Bear watching holidays

Discover bears in the wilderness of America, Europe and the Arctic. Whether you've always wanted to see polar bears on icebergs, grizzly bears among meadow flowers or black bears in the forests, we have the tour for you.
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Brown and black bear watching on tour

Brown bears, or grizzly bears as they are also known, are among the most popular bears to spot in the wild, along with their smaller cousin, the black bear.

Black bear watching is best in North America; specifically the Canadian Rockies and Alaskan wilderness, where you'll also be in with a great chance of spotting grizzly bears too. In these vast landscapes the sparcity of human population means that you're in the best place to spot these shy creatures.

Brown bear watching in Europe is one of the top spots to really see these animals up-close in their natural habitat. Watch from a hide in Romania at dusk and you may bget to see them foraging in the woodland. They're sure to capture your hearts, on top of your already captured imagination!

Polar bear watching on tour

The largest bears on the planet, and the most elusive too - polar bears have to be a favourite for many animal-lovers.

For your best chances for polar bear watching, head to Canada's Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world. Each day you'll head out on a Polar Rover; these specially adapted vehicles are the perfect way to explore the icy tundra, and with a special built-in veiwing platform, you can get up-close and personal without disturbing the bears or putting yourself in harm's way.

Or why not head out on a voyage of discovery aboard one of our polar expeditions? Sail among icebergs and make port in some of the characterful towns of the far north; not only will you have a great chance to find polar bears, but also whales, seals and all manner of birldlife. What an adventure!

Popular brown and black bear watching holidays

Rocky Mountains and Pacific Coast

Canada Discovery Trip code RK
15 Days From €3819 without flights

Transylvanian Long Weekend

Romania Short Breaks Trip code BU
5 Days From €765 without flights

Popular polar bear watching holidays

Polar Bears in Churchill

Canada Polar Trip code CHPB
6 Days From €7995 without flights

Realm of the Polar Bear - Expedition

Norway, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code ACS
8 Days From €3474 without flights

Arctic Discovery - M/V Greg Mortimer

Greenland, Norway, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMAD
21 Days Call us for prices

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