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Explore Beyond

Welcome to our collection of Explore Beyond trips; limited departures with limited availability.

Our new collection of innovative and original trips are specifically designed to offer a truly unique travel experience. Getting back to our pioneering roots, you have the opportunity to experience unpolished recce adventures where you can help us test and finesse the itinerary of proposed new trips through to festivals and eclipse departures.

Join expert volcanology guide Luca Cosma and hike to the summit of Mount Etna, Stromboli and on Vulcano Island on our one-off Sicilian Volcano Hike tour.  Walking Programme Manager, Caroline Phillips spent time in Sicily setting up this adventure, read how she got on here

If you want to experience a local festival you can choose from a selection of exciting trips including the Bulgaria Winter Surva Festival and the Serbian Summer Festival.  Experience the ancient folklore, colourful costumes and unique celebrations of these special festival trips.

For a true nature experience, journey into the Belarusian wilderness to spot Wolves and Bison or discover Bolivia’s intensely photogenic landscapes including the Salt Flats and Lake Titicaca.  Alternatively travel by train across Detroit's spectacular post-industrial landscape and discover the Hiedelberg Project too.

From West to East, discover our trips to Tokyo and Beijing and travel by road, rail and sea from the ultra-modern streets of Toyko, to the beautiful temples of South Korea and the world-famous sites of China. Take a journey along the world’s highest railway to Lhasa through stunning mountain vistas and the palace of Tibetan Kings.

Take advantage of the new airport and visit the remote island of St Helena, once home to Napoleon Bonaparte, and previously only accessible by taking a spot on the ship carrying the territories post! This remote British outpost has a rich history, being well positioned on the old East India shipping route and is a real step back in time – prepare to leave your Instagram updates until you come home as the internet is a relatively new thing on St Helena!

Secure your space now, as places are limited and will sell out fast! 

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