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Here at Explore, we’ve been using prepaid currency cards from FairFX for our business trips for a number of years. They’re secure, easily carried and offer competitive exchange rates. So when we found that FairFX were offering cards for consumer use, we thought it was well worth investigating. As the consumer rates are great too, we’ve decided to partner up with FairFX to offer Explore customers a free FairFX Prepaid Currency Card (normally £9.95) with your first currency load over £50. More information can be found below, or head straight to the FairFX website to claim your card.

Who are FairFX?
FairFX are an international payment services provider, offering services to customers in the UK since 2007. They provide international money transfer services, a prepaid currency card and travel cash to personal and business customers. 

Are they trustworthy?
Absolutely, we’ve been using their prepaid currency cards for staff travel for a number of years.

What is a prepaid currency card?
Like a credit or debit card, it can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. Instead of linking directly to your bank accounts though, you add funds in advance. This way, you can’t overspend, and if you were to lose it, it can’t be used by anyone else (unlike cash!)

Doesn’t it cost a lot to use credit or debit cards overseas?
Normally, yes. These cards are designed to be used for exactly this purpose however. As such, you get highly competitive currency rates and pay few, if any, transaction fees (depending on the card and currency used). Visit the FairFX website for an illustration of the rates available.
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