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Tours to Moldova

Discover the highlights of Moldova on a small group tour. Explore the capital, Chisinau, with its Soviet architecture, and visit Tiraspol, the fascinating capital of breakaway territory, Trans-Dniester. Take the chance to get off the tourist trail and meet welcoming locals on our Moldova trips.

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Discover our Moldova tours

Get away from the tourist hot-spots with a trip to lesser-visited Moldova. Join our small group tours to discover a country with striking architecture, mighty fortresses, rolling countryside and many interesting stories to tell.

Explore the main sights of Chisinau with your local tour leader and haggle with traders in the bustling food markets and eclectic bazaars. Go back in time in Tiraspol to see imposing Soviet buildings, grand war memorials and iconic monuments, and dine with a local family to learn about their way of life in this hidden part of Europe. There's plenty to discover in the rural landscapes of Moldova too. Visit the region of Orheiul Vechi to find ancient churches dotted along a rugged valley gorge, and uncover monasteries carved into the limestone cliffs.

Considering a trip to Moldova but new to small group travel? We've answered some of your most-asked questions.

Our most popular tours in Moldova

Discover Ukraine and Moldova

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Moldova Short Break

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Historically, the Republic of Moldova was formed in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union across Europe. Its borders correspond to the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic - a Soviet satellite state created in the aftermath of the World War II and more archaically, the Principality of Moldavia, a Romanian territory forged in the 14th century. Today, scores of evocative sites conjure Moldova’s romantic past: mist-swathed churches and brightly painted Orthodox domes, commanding medieval fortresses and crumbling monasteries, as well as the ancient ruins of Dacian and Roman civilisations.

Since emerging as an independent nation, Moldova has been finding its feet and continues to face challenges into the 21st century. Economically, it is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Politically, it continues to flirt with communism. In eastern Moldova, along the lands bordering Ukraine, the Slavic territory of Transnistria has declared itself an independent state - although it enjoys backing from Russia, it is as yet unrecognised by the international community.

Despite the challenges of modern statehood, Moldova – a land rich in grape, fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and cereals – continues to be celebrated for its hospitality and rural traditions. The countryside plays host to a network of guesthouses where you can meet Moldovans and learn about local lifestyles, enjoy fresh produce and family recipes, or otherwise stock up on hand-made crafts. Moldovans are skilled weavers and embroiders, and also produce fine wickerwork, ceramics and musical instruments. But above all else, they are prodigious winemakers. Endless underground wine cellars and cavernous tasting rooms criss-cross the country. The Milestii Mici runs for hundreds of kilometres and houses the largest wine collection in the world. If anything, Moldova is a land of pleasant surprises.

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