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10 webcams to see the world from a new point-of-view

Treat yourself to a bit of armchair travelling and expand your horizons by discovering some of our favourite world sites - via webcam! Give those itchy feet just a little scratch as you check out these usually-crowded sites from a new point-of-view.


Patagonia, Chile

Take a look at the serene and majestic landscapes of Chile's Tiera del Fuego in Patagonia. Whether you're watching the sunrise light up the mountains, or the sun setting behind them as the day draws to a close, the landscapes here change by the hour, but always leave you with a sense of calm.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

The 'Diamond Beach' is so-called for the icebergs that float onto its shoreline from the glacier (one of the tongues of Vatnajokull - Icelandic for 'Vatna's glacier'). Keep an eye on this webcam to catch the glint of the icebergs drifting by; either under the midnight sun in the summer months or, if you're lucky, the northern lights during Iceland's winter.

Stromboli Volcano, Italy

Ever wanted to see a volcano erupt? Well now you can. During the day you can seen the smoke coming from various vents in this mountain, but the best time to check this webcam is from sunset and into the night, when the glow and sparks of Stromboli are a spectacular display against the dark.

Hong Kong skyline and bay

Get a city fix from the comfort of your living room. This roaming webcam scans Hong Kong's incredible high-rise skyline with Victoria Peak in the background across to the bay that makes this city so iconic. During the day you can see Hong Kong's iconic skyscrapers in detail, while the night's lights offer a different perspective.

Santorini, Greece

Look out over the Bay of Santorini from the island's capital of Fira and watch the sea sparkle under the sunlight. With a close-up view over Fira town itself, you can also spot Santorini's beautiful, famed white buildings dot the caldera rim, so that it looks like snow on top of a mountain. Pour yourself a drink, and imagine you're there.

The Zambezi River, Zambia

Go on safari from the comfort of your sofa and see what you can spot! This webcam overlooks the Zambezi River, home to hippo, elephant, buffalo and even lion. It's a beautiful spot for a sundowner, or a coffee if the time difference means that's more acceptable!

The Western Wall, Jerusalem

This historic site has drawn people in for millennia. The Western Wall and Temple Mount hold great importance for Jewish and Muslim religions. Watch as people go to the Wall to pray, take in the views over the city of Jerusalem and marvel at the gold of the Temple Mount shining at sunset...

Finolhu Island, Maldives

Fancy escaping to tropical island? Look no further. Turn the volume up and listen to the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and enjoy the glow of the sun on the white-sand beach. A glass of wine and a good book and your tropical paradise is (almost) realised.

Easter Island statues, Chile

The incredible Easter Island statues are on many people's bucketlists, and this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean holds a lot of intrigue. Watch as the waters crash against the cliffs while the Moai watch over from their positions above, where they've stood for centuries.

Positano, Italy

Transport yourself to one of Italy's most beautiful spots - Positano. This town that clings to the cliff face over the Tyrrhenian Sea has vibrancy from its colourful buildings, as well as a relaxed beach vibe thanks to its secluded coastal position. It's easy to imagine whiling away the hours overlooking this scenery...

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