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The Big 15 reasons why a winter holiday is a good idea

Escaping the cold dark days for a winter getaway always feels like a good idea to us, but if you need a bit more convincing here are 15 reasons why you should take a trip with Explore this winter.

1.Fulfil a fitness goal

Keep fit and make the most of good weather by getting in the saddle in a new and exotic destination. It will do wonders for your fitness and it may just be the inspiration you need to kick-start a new health regime.

2.Escape the cold weather
If you’re inclined to stay inside and hibernate when winter sets in, then heading back to summer may be just the thing you need to top up your vitamin D and put a spring back in your step.

3.Create new dishes to spice up your winter cooking
Learn to cook something new in Thailand, where you can discover new dishes that are just as satisfying as our more traditional winter comfort foods - and probably healthier and more flavoursome!

4.Avoid the crowds  
If Christmas prep and the Black Friday / January sales send your stress levels soaring, escape the crowds for southern Europe this winter. With cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, you can explore in peace and quiet, with just the locals and your group for company.

5.Wonder at human achievements
Discover some of human civilisation’s greatest achievements and be inspired by the New Seven Wonders of the World.

6.Relocate Christmas and New Year to a more exciting destination
See how the rest of the world celebrates at this time of year - whether it’s the solstice, Christmas or New Year - there is a lot of festivity taking place around the world and so many different ways to enjoy it.

7.Skip Christmas altogether 
If you’re fed up with the Christmas routine why not skip it altogether and head to a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean? With crystal clear waters and white-sand beaches, it’s the perfect escape.

8.Appreciate the world’s natural diversity  
Discover wild animals in their natural habitat. From elephants in South Africa, to tigers in India, watching animals in the wild is an incredible experience that allows you to feel closer to nature. Our winter is the perfect time of year to spot snow leopards in Ladakh, cranes in Japan or bison in Yellowstone National Park.

9.Achieve something incredible 
Why not challenge yourself by conquering a mountain? The winter months are a great time to head to Kilimanjaro and the exercise and sense of achievement will give you a real confidence boost and fantastic memories.

10.Embrace the winter 
Winter is the best time of year to see the northern lights in Iceland. The nights are longer and darker and allow ample opportunity to spot this incredible phenomenon.

11.Take a break  
It’s always a good idea to have time out. Whether on a fast-paced journey of discovery in the Americas or a relaxed sojourn discovering the tropical Seychelles, it’s worth finding time for you.

12.Discover new festivals 
If you love a good reason to get together, there are a variety of festivals around the world during winter celebrating different traditions. Discovering these vibrant, cacophonous events is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

13.Learn to dance  
Learning to dance can give you an insight into the culture of a new place and is great fun – plus if you really love it you can try it at home too!

14.Find a winter pick-me-up
If you’re more tired in the winter due to lack of daylight, why not pick yourself up with delicious strong coffees from the tropical Andes where they’re never short of sunlight.

15.Do good, feel good
There is a lot of good work being done around the world to protect it and its communities. It can be truly inspiring to meet the locals who depend on the work of charitable organisations and witness first-hand the difference the support given to them can really make.

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