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Travel Disruption due to snow in the UK

Please read our guidelines on travelling from the UK in the coming days. 

Customers due to fly from the UK in the coming days, please:

  1. Check the status of the flight with your airline before you leave for the airport. The most up to date information will be found on the airline’s website.
  2. Leave plenty of time to get to the airport as journeys may take substantially longer than normal. Check travel plans and  road conditions prior to leaving for the airport.
  3. If using public transport, check with the operator regarding the operation of services.
  4.  Please only call Explore 01252 884724 or our emergency out of hours duty phone (the number is on your final tour documents ) if you actually miss your flight or if it is confirmed by the airlines to be  either cancelled or severely delayed.

If the flight we have booked for you  is  cancelled or is delayed we will organise and pay for you to catch-up with the group.  If your Explore flight is cancelled or is delayed in excess of 12 hours and you  choose to cancel your holiday, we will refund monies paid to Explore that are not covered by your travel insurance. Please therefore consult your travel insurance company in the first instance to seek reimbursement of your holiday cost and Explore will provide you with a cancellation invoice to facilitate your cancellation claim.

 If you have bought a land only holiday and your flight has been delayed,  we are happy to help you catch-up with the group  but it will be at your expense. Land-only clients whose flights are significantly delayed or are cancelled who no longer wish to travel should consult their travel insurance company to seek reimbursement of their holiday cost and Explore will provide you with a cancellation invoice to facilitate your claim. Explore holiday refunds will only apply to those customers who have bought  their international flight with us.

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