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Our Top Trips to Visit Iceland

Iceland’s volcanic landscape, dramatic waterfalls and geysers coupled with the chance to spot the Northern Lights have seen it become increasingly popular in recent years.  Just a short three-hour flight from the UK it makes a great option for a long weekend break but has plenty to keep you interested if you have more time to spare. Explore have several holidays to choose between and the Explore team have been testing them out!

Iceland Winter Adventure (ICE)

If you love the snow, travel on our Iceland Winter Adventure. This 10-day trip gives you the chance to explore Iceland's volcanic landscape when it looks the most magical. Going in the winter means that you will see the contrast of ice and fire, with snow-covered glaciers and steaming hot geysers. Travelling to Iceland in winter also means that you will see far fewer tourists than you would in the Summer. Not everyone fancies braving the cold but with plenty of layers, you can experience an Iceland with far fewer tourists. 

On this trip, you'll also get the chance to see the Northern Lights. We stay in a hotel located perfectly for spotting them and the hotel staff can even wake you up to ensure that you see them. 
Read the top reasons why you should visit Iceland in winter.

Northern Lights with Expert Astronomer (SNL)

If you want to spot the Northern Lights and brush up on your astronomy knowledge then travel with Andrew Green, our expert astronomer on this special Northern Lights focussed adventure. Spending two nights away from any light pollution this weekend break offers a great chance to see the lights. Whilst nature dictates whether you’ll be lucky you’ll definitely get to see the highlights of Iceland’s Golden Circle including the beautiful Gullfoss Falls.  Hannah, our Discovery Product Manager, travelled to see the Northern Lights for the first time. Read more about her experience.

Land of the Midnight Sun (SUN)

If you have ten days to spare then our new Land of the Midnight Sun holiday follows the classic Ring Road circuit of Iceland, but also spends time discovering the eastern fjords and visiting the most northern village on mainland Iceland, Raufarhofn. Located just 40 km south of the arctic circle and because of its location has the longest daylight hours in the country. Hannah Owen, one of Explore's Specialised Sales Consultant, recently visited Iceland and explains why she love Iceland. 

"Iceland still feels very much an ancient land with pristine wilderness untouched by modern life. Travelling across this vast island brings you past contrasting landscapes, from coastal lava fields, through miles of open grassland dotted with volcanic peaks, to majestic waterfalls and glaciers. The beauty of Iceland is accessible to everyone all year round. Feeling the spray of crystal clear water and listening to the thunderous roar of the Gullfoss Falls was for me a very impressive experience. I spent a morning whale watching from a boat in the deep blue arctic waters off Reykjavik harbour, explored the bubbling geothermal pools at Geysir and spent a magical evening relaxing in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon."

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