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5 Top trips packed with colour

Reawaken the senses with a change of scenery and a great flood of colour. Travel that provides a big dose of dopamine is the latest travel trend, with trips so colourful that your energy and vibrancy are restored.


Benin and Togo Voodoo Discovery

Packed with vibrancy and colour, our Benin and Togo Voodoo Discovery tour really awakens the senses. Experience an enchanting guided rainforest butterfly walk and see how many of the 500+ species of butterfly you can spot. As night falls, witness a traditional Fire Dance to the hypnotic beat of a drum. In Cove you’ll experience contrasting cultures as you watch an Egun mask performance - representing and embodying the spirits of ancestors - as well as a Gelede mask ceremony accompanied by a choir.
Discover Benin and Togo

Maldives Dhoni Cruise

Experience slow travel at its finest as you take in the serene turquoise waters of the Maldives. From the moment you set off on this traditional dhoni cruise, you’ll be treated to lush green islands and pure white sand. Plunge beneath the surface of the ocean to discover underwater fauna, green turtle and manta ray, as well as shoals of colourful fish. You’ll also meet local inhabitants to learn about daily life in the Maldives, and witness traditional Bodu Beru (Big Drum) performances.
Cruise the Maldives

London to Morocco by Train

From a botanical garden in Bordeaux to vibrant Pinxtos bars in San Sebastian, followed by the bustling souks of Fes, a London2 rail Marrakesh Express tour combines the colours of three iconic countries. Begin on the French coast with wine tasting and 18th-century architecture before catching a train to Spain for a half-day hike of the Camino de Santiago. Europe will slowly transform into Africa as you arrive in Morocco, home to intricate crafts, a beautiful Royal Palace and the iconic Djemaa el Fna Square.
Ride the Marrakech Express

Peru's Inca Trail and Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

With the deep blue shades of Lake Titicaca and multi-coloured layers of Rainbow Mountain, travel doesn’t get much more colourful than this tour of Peru. As you explore the surrounding landscapes of Lake Titicaca we’ll witness the chullpas (funeral towers) of Sillustani, and marvel at the floating reed islands of the Uros people, before making our way to Palccoyo village, surrounded by views of the colourful mountains. Later, as we trek the iconic Inca Trail, take in the multitude of wild flowers and orchids on the way to the Sun Gate before we take in the vibrant Lost City itself.
Explore Peru on foot

Contrasts of Colombia

Watch the colour and energy of Colombia come to life through warm and friendly locals, unparalleled biodiversity, and lively culture. Whether you’re tasting locally-produced fruit at the farmers market in Paloquemao or are wandering the foothills covered in towering wax palms, you’ll find striking scenery wherever you are. For a truly unforgettable burst of colour, join the August departure to witness the Flower Festival in Medellin. As one of the largest flower producers in the world, Colombia’s annual festival stands out with vibrant and intricate displays, each hoping to win the accolade of most beautiful flower arrangement.
Discover the colours of Colombia

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