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Meet Donná

From the earliest days of her childhood, her father's wise words, "live life to the fullest," have served as a guiding principle. Embarking on thrilling journeys and embracing new experiences has been an integral part of her life.

Donná has been fortunate to call South Africa and Australia home. Her time spent in these diverse environments has enriched her understanding of the world and deepened her appreciation for the beauty of different cultures.

Currently residing in the United Kingdom, Donná is taking full advantage of her European proximity. Europe is her new playground, and she's on a mission to uncover its hidden treasures, savour its culinary delights, and immerse herself in the captivating history and art that the continent has to offer. With an open heart and an insatiable wanderlust, she is eagerly saying "yes" to every adventure that comes her way, ensuring that she continues to live life to the fullest.

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