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About Explore Our Formula

Our Formula

Our award-winning Explore trips allow you to see the best of the country you're visiting, all with a unique Explore twist. Since our beginnings, we have stuck to the same key principles which are what make our trips so unique and what sees our customers returning year after year.

We offer unusual and pioneering itineraries which will allow you to get beneath the skin of each destination, no matter where in the world you go. We're passionate about placing the travel experience above all else meaning that transport and accommodation is planned around activities which will provide the most inspiring and authentic experience.

From the warm welcome of a family-owned hotel to rural Swiss Mountain huts, Bedouin-style camps, classic sleeper trains and traditional Tuscan villas; there is a wide variety of places to stay to give our customers the best insight into life in the country where they are staying.

We also travel in small groups of around 14-16 people so that our customers can discover a destination to its fullest while also meeting and sharing the adventure with like minded people. This gives our travellers a better experience and minimizes our impact on the local people and environment as we pride ourselves in travelling in a responsible and sustainable way. We provide a safe and authentic experience for our customers and we always ensure that the 'Customer Experience' drives everything we do.

Our Explore Leaders are a vital part of our formula and we continue to provide the best adventure tour guides in the industry. 95% of our Leaders are local to the country they guide in, so they can provide an in-depth insight into the sights, customs and locations within our trips. Fully trained to our exacting standards, our Explore Leaders will always bring the group together to ensure each and every trip is an inspiring and unforgettable experience for our travellers.

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